Deregistered Colleges Qualifications Still Valid, says Minister

Concerns regarding the Educor group of institutions' future have long existed because of student reports of closed campuses, absent teachers, and unanswered exam questions.
Now, Icesa City Campus, Damelin, Lyceum, and City Varsity cancelled their registrations according to the Department of Higher Education and Training. This means that no additional students may be registered at the aforementioned colleges.

At a press conference, Minister Blade Nzimande clarified that the legislation permitted the creation of private universities and colleges. Nonetheless, it is legally necessary for these private schools to be both certified and registered.

The caliber of the courses they provide is a factor in their accreditation. Registration is primarily concerned with the institution's potential to remain profitable. This is to guarantee that, in the unlikely event that the institution Blade Nzimande closes while a multi-year course is in progress, students will not suffer any disadvantages.

The Minister affirmed that the colleges' registration was canceled due to egregious noncompliance.

As evidence of their financial stability, they had neglected to turn in their tax clearance certificates and annual financial statements for the years 2021 and 2022.

Nzimande clarified that, contrary to the group's claims, there were 13 096 registered students across the four brands, not 50 000. He said that the colleges were dysfunctional and that his department received daily complaints and grievances from students and staff.

Students who have graduated from one of these colleges might be concerned about how it affects them and their qualification.

The Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) have confirmed that qualifications obtained from recently deregistered Educor colleges are valid. This includes qualifications issued or obtained when colleges were registered and those administered during the phase-out period.

The minister therefore wants to assure students that the qualifications issued or obtained during the period of registration and during the phase-out period remain valid and recognised. This was also echoed by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

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